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As a copywriter, I know how to make your message sing. How to write with so much emotion that others understand how your product can save lives. How to write a position statement about your organization's stance on human rights that makes readers say, "That was powerful." What makes me an effective copywriter? I write about products or initiatives I believe in, and I love writing. I can also hone in on your audience, understanding what they want or need (emotionally). This allows me to write to gain a response from the reader. 


I also use these skills as a marketer. I have more than 13 years of marketing communications experience, creating marketing plans for an international nonprofit organization and other entities. I am well-versed in promotion via social media, SEO-optimized blogs and web, and print and other digital content. With an MBA in marketing from Loyola University Chicago, I can assess your needs and create and execute proposals to help market and grow your business, whether it is a nonprofit or for-profit organization.

Below are samples of my work.

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The Stanford Anesthesia annual magazine, for which I serve as managing editor, wanted a statement piece about Black Lives Matter. I wrote this piece, and my physician co-editors and the co-director of the Diversity Council within the anesthesia department at the Stanford University School of Medicine were pleased
with the results.

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II wrote content for a series of parent emails that told them about the Stanford Anesthesia Summer Institute in which their child was partaking. We linked them to blog articles I commissioned and edited, covering the days' events.I also wrote daily student emails.


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Vigilant Software, which provides syringe labeling solutions for operating rooms and ICUs, wanted a company origination story and other web pieces. I told the story of how their CEO founded the company, and have also crafted sales brochure content  for Vigilant.

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Screen Shot 2019-02-23 at 12.40.54

Every two years is the Sigma Chi International Fraternity Grand Chapter, or international conference. For the 2017 event, we made an informational, engaging microsite to entice members and their families to attend. With web, social, email and print marketing, we exceeded our goal for the number of registrants by 40 percent, making for a memorable event.

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As alumnae chapter public relations coordinator for Sigma Kappa Sorority, I created a Facebook group in which I shared PR tips with members. I also created toolkit items that included tips for alumnae chapter members to engage with members of their paired undergraduate chapters (this serves as a key recruitment method as collegians graduate and consider joining an alumnae chapter) and how to keep members engaged in activities over the summer. I planned a social media strategy with national headquarters to promote the Day of Service to alummni, and participated in monthly conference calls with the national vice president of communications and other committee members. During those calls, we set forth a plan to advance the organization through communications and public relations.

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