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Mental health is a key topic about which I have written in magazines and blogs.

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As the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of nearly every institution in March 2020, the concern over health reminded me of the feelings cancer patients experience every day when they are immunosuppressed due to cancer treatment. They are fearful of what they could catch when they go out in pubic, as a simple cold could spell disaster with a weakened immune system. Yet, cancer patients thrive in the midst of uncertainty. This led me to pitch and write a story to the national Cancer Wellness magazine. The story was well-received.

Susan Lorimor Magazine of Sigma Chi Ment
Susan Lorimor Magazine of Sigma Chi Ment

Understanding the need to address mental health among our members, I planned an issue of The Magazine of SIgma Chi around the topic. My main feature was about undergraduate pre-med student Matthew Gold, who suffered from panic attacks. His concern was that his anxiety would interfere with his goals for the future, so he sought the help of mental health and medical professionals. I also interviewed licensed therapists for the issue, creating useful sidebars for readers.

Susan Lorimor TakeThatBreastCancer Menta
Susan Lorimor Anxiety TakeThatBreastCanc

It is normal for those fighting breast cancer or other forms of the disease to feel sadness and a plethora of other emotions as they navigate treatment, particularly around the holidays. Anxiety is also very normal. I wrote about how to cope with these feelings for the blog, I often write about mental health and living with breast cancer there.

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