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As an award-winning editor, I have overseen the content and production of nearly 50 magazine issues, most recently the annual Stanford Anesthesia magazine. The publication's audience is potential anesthesia residents, alumni, physicians/professors and colleagues of Stanford University's School of Medicine. A main goal of the issue is to recruit new medical residents while highlighting physicians' research and innovative medical techniques. As managing editor of the issue, I contracted writers to create the stories, coached them and edited their work. I also wrote some of the stories. I was onsite at Stanford to help direct a photoshoot for the magazine and worked with the layout designer to ensure that the issue was visually appealing. My clients, who were the physicians who served as co-editors, were pleased with the collaboration on the issue and the final result.

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Stanford Anesthesia annual report 2019.p

An accomplished journalist and senior director of communications, I oversaw all content for 48 issues of the award-winning Magazine of Sigma Chi, ensuring consistency and proper grammar, punctuation and style. I led all production of each issue, planning its content and assigning it to writers, editors and photographers.I also served as a writer, composing feature stories and a letter from the editor in all issues. I collaborated with photographers and designers to create the covers of each issue, as well as the interior spreads.

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One of the challenges Greek-letter organizations face is hazing within its chapters. I took this on in this issue, focusing on how Michigan State chapter president Blair Montgomery led the charge to eradicate hazing from his group, and how other international leaders created programs to tackle the problem fraternity-wide. I wrote the cover story about Montgomery, which received second-place honors for feature writing from the Fraternity Communications Association (FCA), which is comprised of nonprofit fraternities and sororities. The FCA also awarded this compelling cover first place for single-page design.

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This issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi focuses on an increasing problem among college students: Mental health issues. More students are being diagnosed with concerns such as anxiety and depression; Matt Gold, a pre-med student who is on the cover of this issue, suffers from anxiety. I wrote the story in this issue about how he is confronting his issues and is thriving. I planned this issue and the feature package in this issue to shine a spotlight on what our alumni and undergraduates face.

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Within each issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi is a letter from the international president, or Grand Consul. I have collaborated with each of the past six international presidents on their letters. I created a story line for each of the above letters, playing off of the theme of the issue. The goal for each of the letters is to have the international president relate personally to each of the themes. This serves as excellent public relations for the organization and helps with marketing his key initiatives. After I present the international president a story line that he would like to work with, he writes the letter and then I edit it, going back to him with any clarifying questions and for final sign-off on the piece.

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